by bad crum

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skeeterknees i havent left my room in three days Favorite track: nothing feels better than anything.
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dylan yh these songs meant a lot to me today Favorite track: squeeze an ice cube.
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this is my pathetic pop music


released November 6, 2016



all rights reserved


bad crum Portland, Oregon

you dont wna know

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Track Name: big apology
time to call it quits
so quick to know what it is
but how could you tell
how it felt
yr out of love and help

but nothings right
yr up all night
when no one saw me
blinded bad

over every crack
spaced out looking back
there’s nothing there
and life is snot fair
now your faced back to me

there’s nowhere (else) man
its an awful plan
go without them if its not too long.

(he’s been laughing, i saw him laughing)
Track Name: self pity victory
blacked out
the best i could do
for me and you
my stomach in knots
shoot your best shot
you finally got your way
my name crossed out in pain
if we feel the same
then take a good look
your read like a book
if no one can tell im gone
can finally see
we can agree
im killing myself
call mental help
i've seen you in hell’s bathtub
Track Name: nothing feels better than anything
if nothing gets found
well theres nothing around me that i can have a good taste from
but how'd i get a belly full
well if it makes sense then sure..
if nothings that bad
whys nothing ever last around me?
and now im just a basement kid
living disgrace again
think i'm running out of friends
living in bed
can never get fed with out it
how am i always feeling ill
might as well give me a kill
think i will just take a pill

my name is bad luck
im going belly up about it
but i could never cross yours out
the spider's up the water spout
rain will wash the spider out
my name is bad crum
i wanna have some fun about it
but now you got me figured out
but im too good at skippin town
take a smile for a frown
Track Name: uh oh
with my hands up
you'll find my heart
under the foot of a car
my eyes burn
out of their place
im happy
stare at my face
when love hurts
turn off the light
i think i will take a bite

lets go dancing
at the dmv
ill wear the
dress that you gave me
the one with
all of the cows
and horses
they run around
Track Name: another collapse at visiting hours
remind me how it works
if you never knew its not allowed
and my eyes are tilting back
kitty cats at the door
dropped my heart on the floor
of the basement floating up

little heart in my hand
imperfect fit again
id be happy as a dog
wait for me it wont be long
yr happier when im gone
ill stay up, im up all night.
Track Name: i finally fell asleep and dreamt we were dancing with rabbits
(unintelligible yelling)
Track Name: murder bed
my eyes are lost
ran out of all the stars
i have outside of my window
ill drive till i run out of smokes
i have to leave you with the death
of my contagious murder bed
i have alot of lies in store
you had enough to get adored
a lie came out of every word
that i meant, you know i havent heard
of all the ways you can detach
the claws i had inside your back

breaking out of it
now i can have the time
to sleep inside my murdered bed
its all i had to keep a ghost away
but now they're my best friend
i have a lie to give to you
now im gonna chase after heaven
all i know is its not there
(because i know where we went wrong
and ill do what i should have done)
contain the hell inside my heart
dont lie. im back right where it starts.
Track Name: sudden heaven (lie to yrself)
felt all i could take
how did it break?
sleep in comfort
now that im gone
its nice and calm
you can bury me in static and say its true
i still dont feel better
im out of my mind
its the last time
can look up your nose
still wear your clothes
we left eachother
and i thought you'd look back
its me
in bright colours
sit still
dont make it worse
and now it hurts
if you get yr kicks wet
you can say its my fault
yr free
and im better
snot nice
come and get it
but now your not there
theres no one that cares
you should forget it and never write back
Track Name: our horse runs away at night
between the eyes
im not surprised
the horse untied
head for the hills
ignore my will
its an easy kill
flat on my face
familiar place
bottomless waste
got stuck in mud

no one remembers the best things they know
how come im older but i still dont know?
how come we never admit when we’re wrong?

found your horse teeth
kids in the street
clap with their feet
like little baths
having a laugh
at some bad crack
inside yr skull
an empty full
keeping yr cool
the horse couldn’t care

no one remembers the best things they know
how come im older but i still dont know?
how come we never admit when we;re wrong?
Track Name: (someone else)
when i had one shot
dont tell me im aware that i lost
if i got it back
id do it the right way at last
i face sitting down
keep looking til nothing gets found
if anyone cares
about someone thats not them
well iv got it bad
a heart cut with broken glass
taking my dog
to hide while my cuts turn to scars
Track Name: no love
let snot feel bad this time wont last
if i got what i want wed all have fun
you dont know what i meant but my word has been spent
now i can stare back at the light in the glass

without love i cant stay another day awake
i cant find my old self i don't have nothing else
Track Name: walk the goose
empty pocket
i fall through the tare
eating apples
on top of the sail

out of your hands
into your head
dont hold yr breath

only other
who's living in hell
found out
and put in a cell

now that I'm gone
your here and then
took all yr clothes

cross my name out
skip town instead

does it make a difference?
i know it kept you awake
the goose thats in my head
still wondering where it goes
ill see you in hell
without a chance at all
the horse is in the mud
and i'm growing old in place
Track Name: squeeze an ice cube
you say that i can beat it
dont think you could defeat it
with all this time we've wasted
but you never knew what im thinking about

and now i squeeze an ice cube
dont understand why i like you
well dont ever go where i’ve been
all it would ever do is poison your heart

well now i know what it's after
to hold a hand in laughter
but all i have is wrong love
and everyday is breaking my heart

well im here still counting alone in the basement
under heaven there's a cow town
and i found sileng’s fountain in the sun
it falls all the time but i’m gonna pass out
how would i know if the dream strings together with the other companion's well tell that to the phantom of the death
they always talk a lot over me
it sounds like a new word for 'i cant find the rope but i found something to choke on’ now i cant leave far from home under the sun
don't know what’s wrong but i’m just so upset
took off the band aid i don't think it's helping i thought the outcome was everyone’s selfish like that
it's not hard to tell that its hell in my head
Track Name: how to make worse better
act like you know me
but now that you wont be
a part like i wanted
so now ill move on
turning the light off
less moves and more talk
how would you ask if you were in my socks?

sounds like you noticed
i dont know if i did
like it or not i dont care if im alone
dont waste your effort
i dont want to get hurt
and now i can do all the things that i love

(too sorry now
im so sorry now
too sorry)

now i can fight it
in fact ill rewrite it
dont know if you got it or not
if its heard
but i dont need you to understand what iv been through
and all i can say is enough with the lies

how to make better
what youve made a mess off
and now its a tasting of everyones blood
but how could it get bad
when everythings already
lined up and disposed and burning alive