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by bad crum

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this is all placeholder i have moar songs cooking


released February 22, 2017



all rights reserved


bad crum Portland, Oregon

you dont wna know

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Track Name: backward honest
backward honest
everybody cares
and no one doesnt know
how people
fuck over themselves
and believe in all theyr lies
im honest
what everybody thinks
but we're so fulll of shit

im lonely
say it once or twice
pretty everytime
its over
everybody knows
and im to dumb to tell
its over
more than once or twice
hits me everytime

if its snot a lie
what if it always is?
but i wasted all your time
and i cant believe i lied
Track Name: its dirt!
stare at lights too long
they kicked me now im gone
a cast that's born in hell
a backword story tell
stare at light too long
they kiss me now im gone
the hole's put in my head
its actually not that bad

fighting thumbs
falling out
chewing every word you said for too long

stared at lights too long
they kissed me now im gone
there's holes put in my head
its actually not that bad

lighting candles
jump in place
throwing everything i love up into dirt
Track Name: incomplete (laptop microphones)
looking into the wood
and not the alleyway
chewing up all the words
without you when you shot them up so the words don't form at all

how long you gonna lay there without your friends?
that you could never be without but now your out again..

stupid chasing tails
without any shoes
were you gonna lead the way
back home to your mom?

how long you gonna lay there without your friends?
that you could never be without but now your out again..

but you wont love me when
I'm chewing on a saw
its how I lost my friends
and explained it to them all
Track Name: little hands
we buried all i had
the pig that wears the hat
we'll leave them any
lassos around the heart

you had a little hand
and now you let them dance
around all the passing
finally someone saw


we stayed up everynight
find us in dimming lights
i had a letter
written but never sent

gave up please understand
i have these little hands
a beautiful letter
for some other time
but now you want die
always hitting your hands
because nobody understand your impulses


dont let the kids un blush
you barely mess with us
you have your letters
written with no replies

its been another year
she has to lose her fear
i wish wed talk
cant always find me lost
youll lose your hands
always losing your hands
cause nobody understands your impulses
Track Name: filth
sit out back
peel the pennies off your back
in the middle of what anyone wants
you lose for fun
your not just anyone
that youd catch a bullet with your mouth turned off and hanged alive alive

its a Nuclear heart
but It never starts
you Act like its solar
but The love is cold
and Happy or not
i never forgot
so Send me to hell
i cant tell
sure its your best?
its barely placed in any thing
its on the limits of repugnint filth
you asked your friend
the question ended everything
i offered onus after stabbing your back.

Sleeping in filth
Youll get me killed
How is this lovely, so awfully kind?

two layers of clothes
no one knows what anyone else thinks in anyone elses head